Ghoul Skool
The Halloween University
2014 Expanded Fall Catalogue

We at Ghoul Skool seek to provide our students with the best faculty available, with the best course of curriculum and widest expanse of degree options. While our subjects may not be mainstream, forgoing the usual prerequisites of academic snobbery, we strive to offer the finest courses that your parent's money can buy. Campus life may be dark, dreary and frightening, but what did you expect from a faculty of ghouls, vampires, monsters and specters. Life-long learning skills are critical to the success of every student. Face it; it won't help you when you're dead.
We specialize in making college a frightening experience!

SAMHAIN COLLEGE is the academic representative of Ghoul Skool. Our sprawling campus is located in the Transylvanian section of Appalachia, a beautiful section of hidden, haunted forest along Roaring River, just East of Tennessee, West of North Carolina and South of Virginia. Although our school is over three centuries old, (yet younger than some of our teachers) we have most of the modern conveniences including roaring fireplaces, indoor plumbing (ok it's an outhouse, but it does have a door), electricity (when it storms), a beautiful library (we expect the books to show up any day now) and lots of spirit...spirits...SPIRITS (always plenty of the first after the second or third)! We have an all purpose Jim, (turn around, he's standing right behind you), host the World Stake Throwing Contest (Jim's won the last three years) and the Perfect Scream Competition. Please contact the Admissions Department for more information, directions or just to say hello.

We are pleased to offer the following Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post Graduate Degree Programs:


Associates of Science Haunt Technology
Associates of Arts World Horror Literature
Bachelors of Science Alchemy and Reanimation
Bachelors of Arts Communications/Mass Hysteria
Masters of Horror

Department of Alchemy

Alchemy 101: Transforming common materials into gold.  Course of instruction provides scientific evidence that one man's junk is another man's nightmare. Students are shown how to take everyday items including PVC pipe, self-expanding foam, duct tape and common trash items and turning them into priceless artifacts of modern Halloween culture. Lab Req'd.

Alchemy 102: Industrial Alchemy. This course focuses on the recombination of items to cause transformation. Here we see that boiling toilet paper when mixed with a PVA adhesive produces cellulose based molding mix used in various anatomical prosthetics. Lab Req'd.

Chemistry 401 Slime Time.  How to make the most unusual substances from the most unusual substances.

Wizardry 202 Soul Stealing the Kodak Way!  Capturing the "spitting image" of terror in celluloid.

Geomancy 209 Real Estate Development.  Use of magnetic anomalies in correlation to polar alignments to make any house, yard or garage look like a haunted castle, while luring visitors with sweet and horrific enticements.

Department of Humanities (Literature, Theatrics and History)

World Literature101 Horror Masters.   Short Story symposium emphasizing the perception of horror and style as noted by authors such as Poe, Matheson, LeFanu, Tieck, Stoker, Shelley and others.

World Literature 102 Horror Masters of Film.   Course deals with the studios, actors and writers of modern horror film classics. Hammer and Universal studio productions provide the foundation of film works reviewed. Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney, Price, Lee and others are spotlighted.

World Traditions 206 An Illustrated history of Witches, Wizards and Sorcerors.  Historical accounts of Circe, Merlin, Roger Bacon, the Black School, the Burning Times and the Salem Witch Trials.

World Traditions 204 Halloween History.   From Samhain to All Hallow's Eve to the Day of the Dead, the traditions and customs of Halloween through the ages.

Theatre Arts 101 Mechanics of the Haunt.  Includes FX design, engineering, lighting, and industrial safety when dealing with haunted houses.

Theatre Arts 102 Atmosphere of the Haunt.   Includes scripting, music, interactive set design, costumes, makeup and props when dealing with haunted houses. Students are required to script and act in the annual Halloween extravaganza.

Theatre Arts 201 When Things Go *Bump* In The Night.   Exploitation of scare deliveries (IE People Pinball)

Communications 105 Mesmerizing the Masses.   Use of Internet delivery systems in horror haunts. Topics include Haunted House promotion, advertising and hypnotism. Seminar of Mass Hysteria is included.


Necromancy 101 Exhumin' Ghouls.   How to keep your coffins coughin'.

Necromancy 102 Reanimation of the Life Impaired.   Breathing new life into old bodies through high voltage

Necromancy 201 Frankenstein's Journal.   How to assemble and personalize bodies&ldots;one piece at a time.

Necromancy 202 Screamin'Demons.   A look at the minions of darkness, their development, deployment, and deception.

Sorcery 201 Lotions, Potions and Notions,   A delightful expose of the Witch's herb garden focusing on proper uses of plants, and minerals in charm, potion and spellmaking.

Sorcery 205 Smoke and Mirrors.  Use of light refraction as it pertains to silicates and the art of illusion.

Fashion Design 205 Eco-Goth Fashion Sense.  Transfiguration of 1800 & 1900-century fashions with a 21st century flare. Includes Monsterware for everyday play specializing in no sew design and lycra for those physical transformations. Guest lecturer, Larry Talbot.

Fashion Design 302 Stylizing Witches, Warlocks, Goblins and Ghouls.   Accessorizing the macabre, how to use makeup, costuming accessories and meat cleavers give give your wardrobe some panache. Re-thinking the pointed hat and broom clichés.


Computer Science 102 How to create a Cyber Ghoul.   Use of computer theory design and programming as it relates to programmed animation, mood enhancement and video capture. Use of effective Internet delivery systems.

Mechanical Engineering 105 Things that go bump in the night.   Use of motor drive and gear reduction concepts, pneumatic cylinders, servos and steppers to provide maximum animation with minimum fuss.

Physics 404 Bodies in Motion.   Applying Einstein's theory of relativity as it relates to life after death, ghosts, and other supernatural events.

Sound Engineering 406 The Perfect Scream.   Introduction of computer based sound enhancements, mixing sound, music, and other effects to increase terror among the masses. CS 102 How to create a cyber ghoul is required.

Electrical Engineering 103 Shocking, Isn't It?   Finding the path of least resistance while scanning schematics. AMPle illustrations show you Watt to wire and how! Guest lecturers Matt Switch, Mike Rowe, Sir Cutts

Home Echonomics 101 Recipes for Disaster.  Halloween Cuisine and Portent Potables from traditional to chic. Be the life of the party even if it kills you as you enjoy this macabre menu of tricks and treats for the young, old, and recently departed.

Home Echonomics 102 Setting a Somber but Ominous Mood.   Music for the masses, a tour de force of musical masterpieces from Mozart to Maxwell, you Pickett we play it from Alice to Zombie.