1. Your creations reflect tremendous talent. Why Halloween and how did it all start?

Back in the 1970's, I watched Creature Features with Svenghouli with my older brother. I began collecting Famous Monster magazine. I loved the dark rides at carnivals and such. It just always fascinated me.

2. How long have you been doing Haunted Houses? For Charity, Fun, or a mix of both.

I first started doing haunted houses for fall festivals in Dundee, KY in 1983. I continued doing haunted houses for local schools, churchs, and later built my own. I have supported such organizations as the Humane Society, The United Way and The March of Dimes. My son was the ambassador child for the March of Dimes this year so, they have a special place in our hearts.

3. How did you acquire the skills to make your "masterpieces of mayhem"

I have always drawn and sculpted ever since I could hold a pencil. I just kept at it until I liked what I created. Custom building my props gives me the ability to change or add to something without ruining someone elses ideas.

4. Each of your creations show an immense effort of time, from start to finish how long does each take to make. Do you do these year round or is there a season when you start preparing for the next year?

Each piece takes anywhere from 6 hours or more. I start out with an idea drawn out on paper. Then I build the frames. Costumes come last. I either use a mask that I have created or one that I have customized. I don't know of anytime when I am not working or creating. My wife seems to think its Halloween all year long.


5. Without giving away too many trade secrets, how do you get the inspiration for each character? What materials comprise your armature? Your recipe for monster mud? Where do you get the clothes and accessories?

Many trials and efforts go into each piece. My imagination has been the inspiration for most. Fantasy art such as goblins, ghouls, and the like can take many forms. I basically add my own thoughts to each. I try to steer away from movie monsters. I prefer original creations. PVC pipe, foam rubber, and a lot of duct tape comprise the armature. The recipe for Monster Mud is one gallon of latex paint (any color) added to 5 gallons of dry wall compound. Clothes and accessories are mostly hand made however the occassional trip to the local charity thrift shop comes in handy. After halloween sales are the best for the next years beginnings.


6. Do you use a storyline or is it pure shock?

I have a theme every year. Anything from Circus of Chaos to Grim Wood Forest.

7. Does your wife create as well, assist, or support your efforts.

She supports me 150%; Although the she has a terrible fear of monsters especially clowns of any sort. She runs the business end while I am in complete control of production and creation.


8. Is there one haunt, one moment or scare that stands out above all the rest?

They are all great in their own aspect. I cannot recall any one particular scene or moment. Each year brings new and exciting memories and challenges for us.

Thanks Doug,

For all you Haunted House Enthusiasts living in the Western Kentucky area mark Halloween on you calendar and spend some time with "Mad Doc" Doug Oller. I guarantee it will be a visit that will be remembered for years to come. Doug says it best, "You will see creatures never before seen anywhere in the World!!!" To visit Doug's Website go to www.geocities.com/odditties or just click on the picture of Emily to the left.

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