Lauren loved Music! Would you care to try and play!

Not quite as easy as it sounds. The organ employed an overpowered motor that would send the keys crashing up and down making quite a racket, sending the visitors jumping backwards and right into one of the furies that was carefully obscured from view. It was at this point that one husband flew out of the room leaving his wife at the mercy of the spirits. Actually she was climbing up my back.

Ben continue his tour to the room behind the partition, a computer room where we actually teach classes.

100 years ago this was Lauren's room, she taught here. Her desk was here facing her students there. It is said that people always feel ghostly presences especially in this room. Care to sit in her chair? Go ahead, she can't hurt you! As the visitor sits in the chair, Ben continues his ranting. Spirits can you hear us? Tonight is the night we have waited a century for.... to bring Lauren home.

As a ghost appears, there are three resounding raps coming from the floor courtesy of a floor knocker operated from outside the building.

The spirits have come to life now, take care and stick close to each other. There is no telling what may happen!

Actually, what was really happening was the live actresses pictured above were exchanging places with the static displays on the stage.


I wish we had a low light video camera for what was the best part of the haunt. As the visitors exited the music room, they reentered the stage, no longer filled with static props but with real people. The illusion went well, most of the people didn't notice until it was to late. Come quickly we have more to see and the time is growing short!

Off the stage there was one other display, allowing the actors and actresses time to set up Lauren's room for the finale. The exhibits in this area were actually animated using stepper motors and a computer program to drive them.

These are just some of my friends!

I don't know why but most of the people would not go too close to the displays when the heads started to turn.

Ben pauses for a moment then stares into the eyes of the visitors finding the one with fear showing outwardly. He walks closer to this person. I know, you realize it too. The time has come to see what you came to see, then return of Lauren Kalma. He beckons them to follow him towards a closed door that was open to an empty room just moments before.


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