Creature Walks Among Us


In this third outing of the popular Universal horror series, scientists resuscitate the amphibious monster by mutating its lungs so it can live exclusively on land. But the petty jealousies of the humans throw the Creature into a tizzy, and it runs amok in San Francisco.

Jeff Morrow .... Dr. William Barton
Rex Reason .... Dr. Thomas Morgan
Leigh Snowden .... Marcia Barton
Gregg Palmer .... Jed Grant
Maurice Manson .... Dr. Borg
James Rawley .... Dr. Johnson
David McMahon .... Capt. Stanley
Paul Fierro .... Morteno
Lillian Molieri .... Mrs. Morteno
Larry Hudson .... State trooper
Frank Chase .... Steward

Leigh Snowden

Martha Lee Estes was born on 23 June 32 born in Memphis, Tennessee, of Scottish-Irish descent. She was still a child when her father died. She had a talent for singing and playing the piano. She attended college in Jackson, Tennessee but returned to Memphis where she worked as a fashion model in department stores and for photographers. She acting debut was with a light opera company playing at the Memphis Open Air Theatre. In 1953 she left Memphis for San Francisco where she studied voice and while earning her living as a fashion model. She made a splash on a Jack Benny TV show, sashaying across a stage at the San Diego Naval base. Twenty thousand sailors gave the curvy sweater-clad starlet a standing ovation that made headlines in "Variety", and every talent scout in Hollywood was on Snowden's trail the very next morning. SThree days later, she was hired to make her film debut in director Robert Aldrich's obtuse crime classic "Kiss Me Deadly" (Aldrich expanded her bit part and gave her featured billing). In January 1955, she signed a seven-year contract with Universal, beginning by playing up her Dixie drawl in their glossy soap opera "All That Heaven Allows". She got her contract at U-I because she looked like Marilyn Monroe did when she appeared on the Jack Benny TV show. She got Universal's usual cheesecake buildup while playing many of her early roles in fantasy or SF programmers: "Francis in the Navy", "The Creature Walks Among Us" and the Bridey Murphy-inspired "I've Lived Before." In September 1956, Snowden married Dick Contino, a big-name singer/accordion player, after which she retired from acting. 11 May 82 dies at age fifty-one from skin-cancer; Contino and five children survive.