This second sequel to "Captive Wild Woman" finds a new scientist (Otto Kruger) bringing Paula the Ape Woman (Vicky Lane) back to life, with plans to transplant his secretary's brain into the pulchritudinous primate's body.

Otto Kruger .... Mr. Stendahl
Phil Brown .... Don Young
Amelita Ward .... Ann Forrester
Rondo Hatton .... Moloch
Jerome Cowan .... Inspector W.L. Harrigan
Vicky Lane .... Paula Dupree
Eddie Acuff .... Bill, morgue wagon attendant
Ernie Adams .... Jim, morgue wagon attendant
William Murphy .... Johnny, errand boy
Charles Wagenheim .... Fred, first morgue attendant
Pat Gleason .... Second Morgue Attendant
Bob Pepper .... Policeman at Morgue
Jack Overman .... Detective at Lab
Eddy Chandler .... Motorcycle Cop


Amelita Ward

Amelita Ward or just "Lita Ward" is best remembered to horror fans for her role in Jungle Captive released in 1945 but this dark-eyed, dark-haired American actress began appearing in films around 1942. Ward was an RKO contractee during most of the war years, appearing in the studios' various radio series, including The Falcon and The Great Gildersleeve. In Gangway for Tomorrow" (1943) she played a former Miss America turned World War II munitions worker looking back on her life. On occasion, she was loaned out to smaller studios to play larger parts. Active until 1949, Amelita Ward was one of a handful of performers who appeared with Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, and others in both their East Side Kids and Bowery Boys incarnations, playing young heiresses in the East Side Kids entry Clancy Street Boys (1943) and the Bowery Boys opus Smuggler's Cove (1948). In 1949, Amelita married Leo Gorcey, whom he met during filming "Smugglers' Cove." Their marriage produced Leo, Jr., in 1949, and a baby girl they named Jan (after Leo's producer, Mr. Jan Grippo) in 1951. They divorced in 1956.

Vicky Lane

Beautiful Irish Lass born 5 May 1926. Although Vicky only appeared in a few films, Universal horror film buffs will remember her as the actress that replaced Acquanetta when Acquanetta left the studio to pursue other interests. Although her looks may have exceeded her acting ability, Jungle Captive is still considered to be the vest the the trilogy. Vicky also appeared in Presenting Lily Mars (1943), Inflation (1942). Her 1945 film, The Cisco Kid Returns, where she plays Julia, the fake Mrs. Page is considered her best movie role although it is as Paula Dupree that we will always remeber her. Vicky died 1 August 1983