The Missing Guest


One of the guests at an old mansion disappears from his room. The other guests search the house for him, but he appears to have vanished into thin air.

Paul Kelly .... Scoop Hanlon
Constance Moore .... Stephanie Kirkland
William Lundigan .... Larry Dearden
Edwin Stanley .... Dr. Carroll
Selmer Jackson .... Frank Boldrich
Billy Wayne .... Vic
George Cooper .... Jake
Patrick J. Kelly .... Edwards, the Butler
Florence Wix .... Linda Boldrich
Harlan Briggs .... Frank Kendall, Editor
Pat C. Flick .... Inventor
John Harmon .... Boldrich's Guard

Constance Moore

Blonde singer/actress Constance Moore was a stylish, glamorous lead in many "B" war-era-musicals. Born in 1920, she was a popular band vocalist prior to entering films. Universal signed her up initially but she is probably better known for the vocal work she did as leading lady in Republic Pictures tunefests, her best being Show Business (1944) and Atlantic City (1944). She retired from films in 1947 and reappeared inconspicuously only twice. She also appeared occasionally on TV and worked up elegant nightclub acts. Married in 1939 to agent Johnny Maschio and the mother of two, her husband later becamea successful real estate agent. After her retirement Constance indulged in still life painting.