The Mole People


Archaeologists stumble upon a race of albinos living under the earth. They are afraid of light of any kind and keep mutant humanoid mole men as their slaves.

John Agar .... Dr. Roger Bentley
Cynthia Patrick .... Adad
Hugh Beaumont .... Dr. Jud Bellamin
Alan Napier .... Elinu, the High Priest
Nestor Paiva .... Etienne Lafarge
Phil Chambers .... Dr. Paul Stuart
Rodd Redwing .... Nazar
Robin Hughes .... First Officer
Patrick Whyte .... Guard


Cynthia Patrick

Patricia Ann Schmid, The adopted daughter of an Air Force colonel, strawberry blonde Cynthia Patrick grew up in Europe, acting and modeling there before relocating (and finding the same sort of work) in Hollywood. A Universal-International contractee, she appeared in a small handful of pictures (mostly bits) before she began to freelance in TV Patrick later went into real estate.