Scream Queens of Universal Horror

You're alone. The house is utterly quiet. As you begin to nod off to sleep you hear a rustling outside the window. A shadow quickly disappears from the window. The wind in the trees, you reassure yourself. Then you hear a tap...tap...tap. Your heart begins to beat faster, you can feel it throb as the pressure inside your veins builds. Suddenly you realize... you're not alone!

We all know the classic monsters and the men that made them come to life, Karloff, Lugosi, Chaney, Price; but there is more than just the beast to horror stories, there is also beauty and Universal had some of the best. From Starlets to Screamers, pioneers of horror and the pin-ups of their time. These pages are devoted to the women that made horror what it is today.

They are the
Scream Queens of Universal Horror

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Nan Grey poses for a Halloween Pin-up