The Incredible Shrinking Man


After an exposure to a strange mist, Scott Carey begins to shrink. After facing such trials as confounded doctors and his angry cat, he accidently gets locked in the basement. His very life then becomes a battle for survival, with only his wits to overcome the liability of his size.

Grant Williams .... Scott Carey
Randy Stuart .... Louise Carey
April Kent .... Clarice
Paul Langton .... Charles Carey
Raymond Bailey .... Dr. Thomas Silver
William Schallert .... Doctor Arthur Bramson
Frank J. Scannell .... The Carvival Barker
Helene Marshall .... Nurse
Diana Darrin .... Nurse
Billy Curtis .... Midget


Randy Stuart

The daughter of husband-and-wife vaudeville musicians, Randy Stuart was born 12 October 1924 in Iola, Kansas. She traveled throughout the South and Midwest with her itinerant parents and made her own stage debut at age three. When the family settled in California, Stuart attended college, acted in school plays and caught the eye of Hollywood talent scouts; she enacted a scene from the play "The Women" in a screen test which impressed executives at Fox, where Stuart went under contract. She debuted in 1947's "The Foxes of Harrow"). Soon after she joined Fox Studios and was relegated to parts in films ranging from Whirlpool, to I Was a Male War Bride (both 1949), to All About Eve (1950), to New Day at Sundown (1957). She is best known to SciFi fans for The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) in which she played the title character's loving wife. Freelancing in the '50s, she played in many features and hundreds of TV episodes. Some of her notable television roles include that of the "Hubba-Hubba girl" on The Jack Carson Show and as the wife of Alan Hale, Jr. on Biff Baker U.S.A. Between 1952 and 1956,Stuart played Emily Fisher on the drama This Is the Life. She was also a regular on the short-lived The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1959-60). On Dragnet, Stuart occasionally played the wife of Harry "Joe Friday" Morgan. Her additional television credits include appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, Cheyenne and Cavalcade of America. She semi-retired from acting in the early '60s. Randy Stuart passed away 20 July 1996, in Bakersfield, California.