Spanish Dracula


At midnight on Walpurgis Night, an English clerk, Renfield, arrives at Count Dracula's castle in the Carpathian Mountains. After signing papers to take over a ruined abbey near London, Dracula drives Renfield mad and commands obedience. Renfield escorts the boxed count on a death ship to London. From there, the Count is introduced into the society of his neighbor, Dr. Seward, who runs an asylum. Dracula makes short work of family friend, Lucia Weston, then begins his assault on Eva Seward, the doctor's daughter. A visiting expert in the occult, Van Helsing, recognizes Dracula for who he is, and there begins a battle for Eva's body and soul.

Carlos Villarías .... Conde Dracula
Lupita Tovar .... Eva
Barry Norton .... Juan Harker
Pablo Álvarez Rubio .... Renfield
Eduardo Arozamena .... Van Helsing
José Soriano Viosca .... Doctor Seward
Carmen Guerrero .... Lucia
Amelia Senisterra .... Marta
Manuel Arbó .... Martin


Lupita Tovar

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Lupita Tovar appeared first in silent Fox films before making the move to Universal and co-starring in the Spanish- language version of 1930's "The Cat Creeps" ("La Voluntad del Muerto"). For the same producer, Czech-born Paul Kohner, she appeared as Eva (the Spanish-language counterpart of Helen Chandler's Mina) in Universal's Spanish "Dracula". In 1932, she married Kohner, who later became one of the top agents in Hollywood. ( Their actress-daughter Susan Kohner was Oscar-nominated for her performance in Universal's 1959 "Imitation of Life"; their son Pancho Kohner is a producer), Lupita is the Grandmother of 'Paul Weitz' and 'Chris Weitz' Tovar gave up films in the 1940s and has been widowed since 1988.