Lon Chaney, Jr. gets all wrapped up in the role of Kharis,the ancient mummy taken to America by an Egyptian high priest to wreak vengeance on the archeologists who disturbed his 4,000-year sleep. While in the States, Chaney finds himself attracted to the archeologist's pretty girlfriend. Included was a lot of stock footage from the "Mummy's Hand"

Dick Foran .... Stephen Banning
John Hubbard .... Dr. John Banning
Elyse Knox .... Isobel Evans
George Zucco .... Andoheb
Wallace Ford .... 'Babe' Hanson
Turhan Bey .... Mehemet Bey
Virginia Brissac .... Mrs. Ella Evans
Cliff Clark .... Sheriff
Mary Gordon .... Jane Banning
Paul E. Burns .... Jim, the Banning caretaker
Frank Reicher .... Prof. Matthew Norman
Emmett Vogan .... Coroner
Lon Chaney Jr. .... Kharis, the mummy


Elyse Knox

Born Elsie Kornbrath, American actress Elyse Knox started out as a fashion designer, eventually wearing many of her designs as a model for Vogue magazine. It was in this capacity that Elyse came to the attention of Hollywood, where she made her first film, Wake Up and Live, in 1937. She worked for 20th Century-Fox, Columbia and Hal Roach before settling at Universal in the '40s, where she appeared with everyone from Abbott and Costello to the Mummy (Lon Chaney Jr.). While her career was unremarkable, Elyse Knox's private life was touched with celebrity from all sides: she was the daughter of one-time Secretary of the Navy William Franklin Knox, the wife of football star/sportscaster Tom Harmon, the mother of actor Mark Harmon, the Mother-in-law of actress Pam Dawber, actor/singer Rick Nelson, and automaker John Delorean and the grandmother of 'Sam Nelson' , musicians 'Gunnar Nelson' and Matthew Nelson, and actress Tracy Nelson.