Alchemy, the transformation of turning one substance into another through science and magick.  The ultimate search for the philosopher's stone that would change lead and other base metals into gold.

Blood is thicker than Water

Fake Blood Recipe: This recipe works well for Stage and Screen FX.
Materials needed:
In an old mixing bowl mix:
1 cup of Karo or maple syrup
1 tablespoon of red food coloring
1 teaspoon of yellow food coloring
1 tablespoon of water

The look of the blood can be changed by adding:
teaspoonp of blue food coloring
teaspoon of green food coloring
Oatmeal as needed for texture

Materials Needed:
Rope, Climbing, Tight Weave
Liquid Latex
Red and Black Acrylic Paint
Chip Brush
Large Bowl

Suspend Rope from ceiling and anchor to floor. It is easier to paint the rope if it is taut. In the Large Bowl, mix a teaspoon or Red Acrylic Paint with as much Latex as needed to paint the rope. Paint the rope all over with a good few layers of the latex. Be generous with the latex as the end product will look a lot better this way. Let the rope dry, it should look like a red rubber thick cord. When you are filming the scene, add Gel Blood all over the rope nice and thick!

Note: The paint must be acrylic; anything else will ruin the latex. Liquitex acrylic paints work well and can be found in Wal-Mart or hobby/craft stores

NOTE: Colored Latex dries much darker than it looks when its mixed, so remember this when coloring and adding paint. When painting it on the rope, use an old brush, as latex will ruin the brush after one use. NEVER get latex on your clothes, it will never come out.

Gelatin Prosthetics:

Materials Needed:
Knox Gelatin (Available in most supermarkets)
Sorbitol (Available in some drug stores and most FX Supply houses)
Glycerin (Available in most drug stores)
Zinc Oxide (Available in most drug stores)
Bowl, Mixing, Microwavable
Stick, Stirring
Flocking (if desired) (Available in some drug stores and most FX Supply houses)

Basic Gelatin Formula
80 grams 1/8th cup Glycerin
80 grams 1/8th cup Sorbitol
40 grams 1/8th cup Gelatin

NOTE: The weights are different but the volumes are actually the same on all 3 ingredients.
gram tsp. Zinc Oxide

Flocking to desired effect, about tsp. or less if mixing colors.
Cosmetic Pigment in your choice of flesh color. (You can also use cake makeup - ground up fine)

In a microwave safe bowl mix most of the Sorbitol and Glycerin. Leave a small amount of the Sorbitol out so you can mix the Zinc Oxide into it before adding it all together. Slowly add the Gelatin to the Sorbitol and glycerin mixture. Then add in the Zinc Oxide mixed in the small amount of Sorbitol and some flocking. If you are adding flesh pigment or red blood pigment (you can use any color) mix the pigment into a small amount of Sorbitol before adding to the batch. Microwaves vary in heating abilities. Heat it in the microwave for 15 seconds then 15 seconds more. Watch it closely. Be careful it doesn't bubble over the container.
Note: Remember that you should never let the gelatin boil but just melt it. The fibers in the gelatin are destroyed if it boils.

Health and safety!
Gelatin is HOT! If you get it on your skin it will burn you! Always wear protective gloves, covered shoes, long trousers and  protective glasses. You can't play it too safe when working with dangerous materials.

While the Gelatin is hot, pour it into the mold. Wait an hour and remove from the mold carefully. Apply the prosthetic using prosthetic adhesive or spirit gum, working from the center of the prosthetic outwards. Once the prosthetic is set use a Q-tip soaked in Witch hazel to blend the edge of the prosthetic into the skin by gently rolling the Q-tip on the edge of the prosthetic outward. Alcohol based tattoo inks such as Skin Illustrator or Stacolor Palettes work well to color the prosthetic but regular halloween makeup kits work ok if the prosthetic is only going to be used for a short time.

Earthly Rotten Skin:

Materials Needed:
2-3 Drops of black food coloring
1/2 Cup of uncooked oatmeal or cornmeal
1 egg
1/4 Cup corn syrup
1 Tablespoon of brown and yellow liquid makeup
A sandwhich bag with zip-lock technology
Spoon to stir
2 Popsicle sticks
3 Small bowls
A paintbrush
Powder puff or cotton ball

1. Begin by breaking open the egg. Then dump each half of the egg into the other until the egg white collects on one end and the yolk on the other. Place each substance into separate bowls. The egg white may be discarded, as you will not need it for this recipe.
2. Add 2 drops of food coloring to the yolk and stir with the spoon. If you find the mixture is too thick to stir, use a fork.
3. Dip the brush in the egg yolk mixture and paint your face a thin, black coat.
4. Place the oatmeal and corn syrup into the third bowl. Stir this mixture; you may need a fork.
5. Stick this mixture to the desired area of the body. You may have to press hard to shrink the mixture. Some of the egg yolk mixture should show through. You should now wash your hands and wait for the corn syrup to dry.
6. Now apply the makeup over the oats by patting it on with either a powder puff or a cotton ball, still making sure the black color underneath shows through.

Coffee grounds can serves as loose dirt.
Soda and oatmeal make a quick and cheap zombie. Apply soda to face then oatmeal.
Excellent for zombies and dead persons.

Slit Throat (Basic)
This is a simple make up. Using a small brush and scurf blood (or liquid latex), paint a strip of skin along the neck. Tap with finger immediately after to rough up the area. Crease, fold and pinch skin along this strip, holding it for a minute or so. The latex adheres to itself, pulling your skin in such a way that it looks like a wound. Paint edges with liquid latex, building up the lips of the wound in the center until the desired depth is achieved (tear excess edges slightly, if necessary, or adhere extra chunks-o-flesh). Cover edges of latex in camouflage make up. Paint the inside of the wound with red and brown greasepaint. Paint the edges pink. Stipple the edges of the wound with bruise purple or redness. Powder the outer part of the wound with translucent powder. Use jell blood or wound filler in the wound (coffee granules work well). When the wound is to be presented to the players for a scene, add congealed and flowing blood. Be careful not to add too much blood, or the detail of the wound will be lost.

Bullet Holes
A derma wax makeup for a bullet hole in the head The trick here is to give the bullet hole the illusion of depth. What I did was paint the bottom of the make-up with black and add a special mixture of 'dark blood'. This was just a translucent blue gel toothpaste tinted darker with red and blue food coloring. This stuff is thick enough to stay where you apply it, and keeps a dark wet blood look.

Sponge Blood
Small sponges can be filled with fake blood and "palmed" for use later. This is especially effective if a player or Keeper wants to have the blood appear if the character clutches his arm or eye, for example. Most magic shops sell sponge balls that are highly absorbent and work well for this purpose.