Welcome Students

Thanks for visiting Samhain College, more affectionately known as Ghoul Skool. Our credo is a simple one...Scare the Hell out of people. To this end, we have dug up (literally) some of the best haunt instructors in the (Nether) world just for you.

Ghoul Skool Film SchoolGhoul Skool Arts and Sciences

Our Film Department is getting rave reviews from the public. From our test films like the zombie comedy Graves End to our feature production of Strange Reflections, Through the Looking Glass, Darkly, Our Film School is making headlines. Become a part of truly unique, talented performers specializing in "B" Movie Tributes, in the tradition or Corman, Price, Hammer, Universal and Ed Wood.

Ghoul Skool offers one of the most unique and monsterous  curriculum in the Netherworld,  We teach all the required fields for any  Hauntingly good  company as well as exceptional scare techniques not found elsewhere .  We have  only the finest staff (and the oldest) to teach every useless bit of knowledge a monster needs.
What you will needCurriculum Guide
1. Proof of existence...Birth, Death or some other ID (Picture preferable)GS
2. Passport application
3. Quantum Matter Transporter
4. Loads of money for tuition
5. Shot record, Schnapps will do
6. Select a Major course of study