Professor Gregor McCabre
President/ Dean of Instruction

C.U. Walpurgis-Nacht
Chairman, Board of Regents

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The Faculty at Ghoul Skool recognizes the value of Life Long Learning and to that end has authorized the review of student life (and death) skills for academic credit. If you have ever participated in a Halloween event, toured a haunted house, created a haunted house, yard, garage or other such event, created a costume, makeup, prop; listened to Monster Mash or 13th track Halloween Radio; reviewed Mark Butler's website, had a secret crush on Elvira, remember Zacherley or Chiller Theatre, read Lefanu, Matheson, Tieck or Poe, believe that Mary Shelley had inside knowledge, know that a Jacob's Ladder is not used by painters or that lawyers and accountants are really extraterrestrial deported aliens then you have attained the commensurate knowledge required for graduation. Congratulations! Fill out the degree information sheet and receive your printable diploma.


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Disclaimer: Degrees are issued by Ghoul Skool University, a fictional university created for the promotion of Halloween haunted houses. Ghoul Skool is not accredited by any known institution of learning nor does it represent itself as such. Degrees are issued as conversational and amusement decorations only.