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Rick Amortis
Crypt Keeper


Special Epitaphs

Making Tombstones


Tombstones are easy to make and inexpensive for the most part. Just get a large piece of rigid foan insulation, the thicker the better, although thin sheets can be glued together. The foam is available from all leading home improvement centers. Shop around for the best price.

Cutting the foam can be done with a kitchen knife, jigsaw or foam cutters, an electric hot wire device specifically designed for cutting foam.  You don't have to be picky about what tool you use so don't go out and spend all kinds of money on an equipment leasing contract for an industrial foam cutter

Be creative in your design, simple, complex, contemporary, gothic, Celtic, it's best to mix and match.

Lettering can be painted or engraved. Most foam products do not handle spray lacquer or enamel very well. They tend to melt. If done carefully, this can be an interesting effect and eliminates the need for engraving the lettering. If you want to engrave the lettering, use a soldering iron and carefully melt the letters. Moto-tools with gouger bits also work well.

Want to get creative, monster mud works great with foam. Some of the more elaborate pieces i've seen feature weeping mourners draped over a crypt. It's takes a while to make but is definately worth it.

Tombstones, a simple effect that let's everyone know it's time for trick or treat.

"Fangs for the Memories"

May you always be in our hearts, And may that stake always be in yours

Count Dracula 1236 1458 1527 1703 1823 1995 2002

Went to the diner for a bite before bed but got a big juicy stake instead

A Real Pain in the Neck

Here lies the body of my sweet sister;
She was just fine 'til Dracula kissed her


The 142nd fastest gun in the west;
met 141 to see who's the best;
I think my friend, you know the rest

Famous Last Words:

Barry D'Alyve: "Let's Ski the Alps"

Hugh Cante: "I Think I Can Make It!"

Huey "Kablooey" Sagon: "There Ain't No Gas Line Here"

Ella Fant: "It'll Support My Weight"

Ben There: "I've Done This a Million Times"

Xavier Breath: "Do you smell gas?"

Friedrich Through: "I Know It's Lightning Outside"

Stu Pitt: "The Train Never Comes Down These Tracks"

Imus B Goewin: "I'm Just Gonna Wizz Here By the Fence"

Otta B. Alive: Sure, The Water Is Deep Enough To Dive"

Grr-amps: "The Power's Off"

Don Worry: "This Fuse Is Plenty Long"

Anna Rexick: "I told you I was sick!"

Claire Voyant: "I knew this was going to happen to me!

Anita Transfusion: "It's just a scratch"


Humorous Names

Rick Amortis

Seymour Butz

Myra Mains

Phil McCracken

C.U. Dye

Anna Rexick

Bertha D. Blues

Al B. Rightback

Al Dente

Alex Blaine Laider

Xavier Breath

Stu Meet

Roland Stone

Robbie Ducky

Imus B Goewin

Imus B Goewin

Stu Pitt

Ben There

Dunne That

Barry D'Alyve

Ray N. Carnation

Anita Infusion

Anita Transfusion

Anita Moore-Tishan

B.A. Ghoul

Barry M. Deep

Barry A. Live

Barry R. Bones

Ben Dover

Berry D. Hatchet

Bill M. Lader

Candy B. Goode

Dawn Under

Diane Rott

Fester N. Rott

Hammond Eggs

Ima Ghost

Ima Spook

I. M. Gone

Izzy Gone

Jess Gough

Justin Pieces

Justin Thyme

Kerry M. Off

Lee Ning

Lefty B. Hynde

M. T. Tomb

M.T. Coffin

Manny Bones

Mark A. Place

Mummy B. Ware

Orson Buggy

Otta B. Alive

R.I.P. Van Winkle

R. U. Next

Reid N. Weep

Sue D'Bum

Ted N. Buried

Thirst N. Howl

U. R. Gone

Willy B. Back

Willy Rott

Yetta Nother

Yul B. Next

Claire Voyant

Friedrich Through