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Forgotten Prisoner of Castel Mare

Forgotten Prisoner

So once we had the basic background, we could start building the prisoner.  I had a couple of bones and a skull that I purchased a couple of years ago.  You can get a bag of bones on ebay  for about 30 bucks.  It will have everythings you need and you can make the missing ones like I did from styrofoam.  Simply draw out the shape  you want, cut it out and shave it with the Sure Form tool until you get the form you want.  Then wrap the bones in gauze and cover with Monster Mud.  I had to make the leg bones this way.  It would be easier to buy them.   The bones are pinned in place with 8" lengths of coat hanger, then glued with liquid nails.

The chest is made from a piece of plywood cut to look like ribs then shape the wood around the ribs to make it rounder.  I used a moto-tool with a coarse drum sander for that.  The rib cage is then screwed to another piece of wood to form a T shape.  This is screwed to the backwall  See picture right.   The waist is just a round piece of plywood attached to the chest brace.  The shoulders, arms and neck are PVC pipe  connected with a 4 way connector and 2  90 degree connectors for the arms.   A piece of Spinal bone was  glued to the front of the PVC neck. 

The chain is an old Halloween Styrofoam chain.  The neck cuff is a piece of lumber strapping form in a circle with two ends that have holes frilled in them to put a bolt through.  This holds the chain.  The wall mount for the chain is a scrap piece of 1/2" x 4" x   4" with  truck  tie  down  screwed to it.  A piece of copper grounding wire was used to form the ring, but a towel ring can be used. 

The bones are glued to the base and attached at the waist with piano wire.  The arm is also attached with piano wire to the PVC pipe.

The rebar for the prison bars was made from tomato stakes found at Lowe's.  These are plastic coated metal pipe found in the garden department. 

Lastly, the clothes were bought at the Goodwill, ripped up and stapled to the wooden waist and rib cage.  Total cost was about $35.00  and took a couple of days to build.  Next up is the Phantom of the Opera.





Chest bars