Homecoming 2002

Homecoming at The Cottage

The backdrop is a two room playhouse built from discarded pallets.

The time is almost here. Seasons are changing, the veil between worlds growing thin. It is the time of October Homecoming in the McCabre Clan. We met at the guest cottages this year. In the foreground stands Ignatius Beauregard Montfort a renowned undertaker but known affectionately to fiends and family as "Uncle Mort."
We haven't seen Aunt Mary in over a century. I still remember that staff, when it lights up, watch out. Pariah returned from a pilgrimage to Massachusetts in her hag get up. She said she'll revert to her regular, persona after dinner. (She also said Mort needs some more meat on those bones.)

Roderick returned as well. Whatever is in that vat keeps changing his appearence (either that or he got a nose job.)

Ok, so they're props, but props that figure into this years story. These props and the others as well were all made for less than the price of 1 gallon of latex. All three to the left are built on "Quick Sticks." Mort and Mary using wig forms and 1 pound of celluclay. Mort's chest is made from "Great Stuff" SE Foam on a posterboard back, stapled to the quick stick, with toilet paper mixed with elmer's glue to make the rotting skin. His stovepipe hat was made from posterboard covered with material. Mary's staff is a scrub tree that we cut down while cleaning up the yard. The glass ball is a $1 paperweight with a 1.5 volt light embedded into the staff. The clothes were either made from bargain black material picked up through a renaissance costume store for $1 a yard or clothes from a flea market then distressed using white, gray and black spray paint. Total cost for the three projects was under $30 but a whole lotta time, experimentation and patience.

Roderick is a monster mud creation, a computer controlled stepper motor moves the head. The 50 gl drum holds the computer and speakers. Floor stain gives him that weathered look. His hands are SE Foam covered with monster mud

Frankenstein returns as Mort's assistant this year. The graveyard scene, based on the movie, is not to be missed, but we can't give away all our secrets this early. There are people waiting with.....

Tombstone of Gordon Devine
"The Pumpkin King"
A simple foam board, covered with monster mud for texture, engraved then dry brushed with black and gray. Some people just don't get the pun.

Aunt Mary was a modified quick stick using an hourglass pattern to make her more curvacious. Her hands are wood using moto-tooled dowels for fingers. She has an exact duplicate only much younger. Wait and see!