2001 proved any interesting challenge. Although we had done Halloween effects and Haunted Houses, Graveyards and such in the past, this year we had a smaller budget ($100.00), a confined space and a lack of set-up time. We did have lots of help, but a very bad camera. Sorry for the lack of photos. Click on any of the photos to go to the props and makeup page.

The haunt this year took place at a Family Resource Center. We had only two rooms and a stage to work with plus an immense imagination. The shows ran Friday and Saturday night and Halloween Evening where we also hosted a Halloween party for the community. Being that space was confined we had to make the haunt seem larger than it was,...magic! Actually, just mere illusion. The success of a haunted house is not measured by jumping out and frightening people, the true haunted house perplexes the mind by introducing the unexpected. Lighting, music, diversity of exhibits and illusion are key to the success of any haunted house.

The story began 100 years ago on halloween when a young school teacher, Lauren Kalma, disappeared without a trace from the school. Having only been there for a short time, her untimely disappearence was disconcerting to say the least. There was an investigation without success and there were also the rumors, rumors of a family who lost a child 200 years ago along the riverbend where a witch that shunned all people lived. All staff at the school were questioned without result. Ben Harkness, another teacher at the school collapsed from nerves attributed to his close relationship with the missing girl. It is rumored that he has spent the last weeks pouring over copies of old Massachusetts texts concerning witches, Finnish Folklore and a strange book that he will allow no one to view.


  "I have waited 100 years for this day, and tonight she shall come back!" Ben Harkness

Has there ever been a time in your life that a single momentary glimpse, a visage of adorement that captivated your heart to the point of absurdity. A touch that lingers far beyond physical contact, a thought that vacates time itself . What would you give to recapture that moment, would you forego all standards of reason and sanity. Would you trascend mortality and time itself to find the key to your destiny? Would you barter life for illusion?

I dare say, I know one who would, but dream or nightmare remains to be seen. One cool October night when the moon is full she shall walk again. He alone has the knowledge to bring Lauren Kalma back to the living, and he will!


Behind a curtain stood Ben Harkness waiting to greet the visitors and relate to them the story of his life works. In his hand is a book that he lets the visitors open, as the book is opened the apparition of a skull with glowing eyes greets the guests. A simple snickering laugh sets the mood for the rest of the story. Ben relates how he has found a way to store the dead in a suspended animation, neither alive nor dead but always at his call. Tonight will be the culmination of his acheivement...to wake the dead!

The visitors are beckoned to follow through another curtain where the first of his allies await.

Ben Harkness learned through informed sources that no living relatives of the demure school teacher could be located. Local historian and principal of the Clingman School, Felix Morlock, located some individuals by the name Kalma who lived in the area around the Yadkin River south of the Rondabout about 100 years ago. It was believed that the family moved to Tennessee after a bitter argument with Hagitha Bella, the notorious Witch of the Yadkin. The argument seemed to revolve around an unnamed sickly daughter that was treated by Bella but was reported to have later died of unknown causes. Bella herself disappeared shortly thereafter, though it is still rumored she was hung for witchcraft by local residents. To intensify what is already baffling, a search of the area where the old witch lived revealed a solitary grave marker bearing the inscription "Beloved Lauren 1701-1801." Seems strange that no one can recall any stories of a 100 year old woman living in these parts.

Ben relates the story then confesses that Hagitha is not the only soul he has detained for his experiments.

Ben continues to explain that over the last 100 years he has perfected his longevity and reanimation process. He explains the many experiments he has had to perform and the many close calls he has lived through with spirits of the undead trying to protect their own. They remain a danger throughout the night.

Ben explains that he has kept the principal, Felix Morlock as a reminder of days gone by. He takes great pains to point out the lifeless forms of his friends.

At this point, one of the furies comes out of the shadows scurrying past the visitors and into the music room. Ben warns the visitors to be on their guard. At the last stage exhibit, Ben points to one his early failures. A skeleton in a coffin that begins singing (Bad to the Bone) as the guests approach.


Lauren loved music, would you like to see the music room?

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