OK so Halloween is the third most searched for subject on the Net. There are plenty of sites that have really good info. Listed below are just some of my favorites. Check them out and find out how to put the trick in "Trick or Treat." Sound Effects, Audio and Music links are on the SOUNDS page. Bargain hunters and Halloween shoppers check out the YORE STORE page for more links.

How To, Props, Effects and More. The Art and Mechanics of the Haunt


How to Heaven


Free eCards  &  Free eGreetings


Haunted Hillside Manor

TV Horror Hosts

Everyone Has their favorites Horror Movie Hosts

The Hostess with the Mostess

and the original "Cool Ghoul"

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 Films, Fotos and Fantasies

Hammer Films

Classic Universal Monsters


Lon Chaney Page

Bela Lugosi Page

Boris Karloff Page

Vincent Price

Ben Chapman