Professor of Art
Viscountess Vanessa Murony

Professor of Journalism
Rone Faust

Ghoul Skool at Night

Greetings fellow ghouls! Another year is done, a new year beginning. Within the hallowed halls of our quaint University, many changes are taking place. New challenges, new curriculum, new teachers and new methods of delivery.

The response to our new school has been overwhelming. Attendance is at an all time high and our expectations for the new year are tremendous. Our Film Skool proudly sponsored by Samhain College is up and running and we'll be out and about this year attending Conventions and Festivals throughout Transylvania. Hope to see you at some of the events.

Events 2015

March 2015
Night of the Stalkers Filming
March 2015
 NERDCON at Appalachian State University
July 2015
Wilkes Library Con
Sept 2015
Wilkes Zombie Fest
Oct 2015
Hillside Horror

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We'll also be adding some new how to films and featuring some of our short films for your enjoyment. check back with us often and see why Ghoul Skool is well...Ghoul Skool!

Inspiration for props can come in all forms; mythology, literature, art, movies and theatre.

We've found some killer websites to startle your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. Check them out! (be aware that these sites are not for children)
Mike Hoffman Frank Frazetta Dorian Cleavenger

Our dorms are wired to receive Ghoul Skool Rocks Halloween Radio

Ghoul Skool Rocks

Things at Ghoul Skool aren't always what they seem, nor are many of the people employed here. Want a mental exercise, throughout Ghoul Skool are clues to the the true identities of the staff. As with any academic endeavor, only the persistent will succeed. A truly successful haunted manse will always leave the guests asking, "Was it real or just an illusion?" You decide...