Passport Application

Realm of Tuonella

This passport application is only valid when transiting the ethereal gateway known hereafter as the Portal of Penazy. This document guarantees that no harm can befall the holder from creatures and beings that are no longer admitted to the mortal world.

Please answer the following questions honestly as deadly peril awaits transgressors.

 Are you now or ever have been gifted with Second Sight, Mental Telepathy, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis or other mental mutation?

Has any member of your family ever been associated with the following orders; Wicca, Druidism or practiced Witchcraft, Alchemy, charm making or other Spell craft?

Has any member of your family within the past 40 generations ever been known as Vampiric, either plasmatic or synaptic, Exposed to Werewolf bites, alien abductions, shape, genetic or mind altering experiments?

Are you or any member of your family just plain weird without reason or cause?

Student Identification/Classification
Please check as best applies:
MutantMad ScientistAlien
Are you requesting transit for:

School Attendance

Visiting Family


Genealogical Excursion


I attest and certify that these facts are true and verified with the Society for the Preservation Of Other Kindred Spirits (SPOOKS)