The safety of the Haunt is paramount when designing your own haunted house, hayride or other event. We've separated safety considerations into four effects. This page is not to be considered all inclusive just merely suggestive.

The Nightmare Effect. We spend months building our props, refining our themes, practicing our delivery and sometimes we are caught up in the thrill so much that we forget our object is to entertain, not drive people insane. To this end, review your exhibits. Should there be an age limit? Are your exhibits to intense for let's say children under 10? Should there be warnings, if so where should they be posted, at the entrance, exhibit? Are there verbal warnings? Not everyone reads well. Is there a disclaimer? Lastly, do your actors know when to back down and remove their masks.

The OSHA Effect. Has your haunt been reviewed for fire, electrical and ventilation considerations? Are the paths between exhibits free from obstruction? Is there any loose wiring that could cause a potential trip hazard? Are dry ice and fog systems inaccessible to guests? Are groups limited to a specific number? Is any member of your haunt team trained in first-aid/CPR? Do they know what to do in an emergency? Are costumes designed to allow adequate ventilation? Do haunt actors get break times? (Try wearing a gorilla suit on a warm night for 4 hours)

The Blast Effect. Some effects are scarier than others. Some effects will make the bravest people jump and run. We call this the blast effect and in especially useful in a haunt to maximize the transition from one effect to the other. It has inherent dangers though. When the guests jump back there needs to be a clear field of effect, that is, no danger of running into objects that could hurt them and also a clear means of escape to avoid panic. Often the safest way to deal with this is a counter blast. This is normally a haunter or effect positioned in the blast zone to redirect the guests into a safe means of escape or containment. It also serves to heighten the effect.

The Sanity Effect. I have seen this used to profitable advantage in some major haunts. It is simply this, after the end of the haunt, give the guests time to collect their senses. Sometimes the exit to the haunt is strategically placed to the entrance of the haunt. This tends to promote the haunt by assuring people very subtly that they are back in the real world and that they can take solace that the other people in line will be truly frightened worse than they were. Sometimes, a gift shop or souvenir stand is placed towards the end of the haunt allowing guests to browse merchandise as they collect their thoughts, plus it helps defray haunt expenses.

Rules to Live by and POST

1. Rules exist for the safety of our guests. Guests breaking the rules will be asked to leave

2. Parents are responsible for the conduct of children. No one under the age of ___ will be allowed to enter unless accompanied by adult

3. Touch nothing and nothing will touch you!

4. The big scary monsters will not hurt you unless provoked.

5. Groups will be limited to ___

 6. Strobe lights in use...Fog in use...Black light in use, these effects can cause disorienting effects on some people. People with known allergies or medical conditions averse to these effects should refrain from entering.

7. Follow all posted signs!

The Staff at Ghould Skool wish you a safe and funtastic haunting season in 2003