Ghoul Skool 
There are many respected and renowned paranormal researchers.  This group isn't one of them.  Join Haunt Hunters in asking the questions that remain unanswered.

Haunt Hunters

Gregor McCabre | Myspace Video
The highly requested sequel to Haunt Hunters.  A new case, new ghosts, terrifying results.  Watch as not only the entities take a part in haunting the location but now they attach themselves to the Haunt Hunters forever.  So terrifying an episode, it could only be filmed in the daylight.

Haunt Hunters II from Mike Heckel on Vimeo.

Join Ghoul Skool's Dean of Instruction for some quick and easy ways to make small prosthetics

Makeup Prosthetics from Mike Heckel on Vimeo.

This was the test run for Ghoul Skool Live featuring the lovely and very talented Brianna Brown.  This clip features the ten top things to remember during the zombie apocalypse
Ghoul Skool Live Test Run from Mike Heckel on Vimeo.